Friday, April 8, 2011

final project 1 minuite story

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Monday, March 28, 2011

the sexting

i personally feel that it is a bad thing for young kids to get involved with.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the movie clip is about machanics doing stretches and relaxing before work

i saw the camera shot when the bulldozer picked up the van through the front windsheild. i thought it was funny that the man on the forklift said that he dose not need to excersise because he is not fat and he says its for women. it is funny that they have someone come to their work to have them stretch and relax brfore work starts every morning. i like the story.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Notetaking on Camera Techniques

• What seven items should you bring with you when you are shooting an interview?
(Clocks Tick Tock Making Heads Pound Loudly)
Power source
Light source

• Shooting into a light source = causes a silhouette

Button to adjust =

• Where do you want your light source? behind the camera

• On what object should you focus the camera?

• No tripod= bad

• Date and Time= do not use


• Camera shoots in ________________.

• Pre-Roll-

• Post-Roll-

 wide shots: shows settings and surrounding establish location.
medium shot: less setting,more detail, focus on specific area.
tight: aka close up, lots of detail.

• 1 Shot=

• 1 Shot with graphic=

• 2 Shot=

• CU-

• MS-

• LS-

• ECU-

• Rule of thirds-

• Tilt- up and down heighth, movement

• Pan- left and right,,, somebode walking

• Zoom- magnifies the picture

• Dolly- shot on weels

• Key-

• Fill-

• Back-

• Unidirectional-

• Omnidirectional

• Cardiod

• Lav/Lapel Microphone

• Boom Microphone

goose and man

the goose and the man are friends and they walk in the park every day in the park. within the next 3 months the lake will be drained for a cleanup of the area.

interview story

Alex Mitchell
Broadcast journalism story
Topic: Rodney Mullen
Angle :( subject, verb, object) Rodney Mullen, skateboarding, skateboard

B role

A role

‘Success is elusive’ by Rodney Mullen
I don’t know about you but I find Rodney Mullen to be a very talented individual.

I think he is a very well rounded person in the world of skateboarding, I also know of his successes and his down times in skateboarding.

I find it interesting that he is so gifted and he does not think about money, he says that skateboarding almost robbed him and he said that it was ‘slavery’.

‘He is the world freestyle champion and he is the founding father of street skating’. There is always a point in someone’s career that they are going to question themselves why am I still doing this.

  I would like to meet him someday personally. He seems to be a very inspiring person

 ‘Yes I would like to meet him someday he seems like a very nice person’.